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Acne dysmorphia and cross country

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I've been doing a bit of research, and I think I have a little bit of acne dysmorphia. It would make a lot of sense. Anytime I do anything the first thing I think about is acne, will I need sunblock(that gives me acne)? Will I sweat(acne)? Will what I'm about to eat have lots of sugar, or any milk(acne central)? Will what I'm about to wear touch my acne and cause more(big problem here because i have to wear glasses)? You get the point... i think about my skin constantly. It's always on my mind. And when my skin gets bad(it used to be terrible, and then I cleared it up, but now I'm terrified that it will come back) that's all I think about, and try desperately to cover it up to not feel just so ugly, however that never works. It gets me to feel almost a mild depression.  

Anyway, tomorrow I will be starting the XC(cross country) season, and sadly practice is in the morning, but not early enough to not need sunblock. Not wearing sun block is not an option, my skin medication makes me extremely easily burnt, so I NEED to wear it. This means, acne. And with going back to school soon I can not feel the depressive mood, my grades will reflect it. I don't know what to do, I love running but I almost want to quit XC.  

Anyone have any advice to keep my acne dysmorphia under control? What should I do? I'm so scared.

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Neutrogena sheer sunscreen with zinc oxide works and does not break me out it even seems to have a drying effect making my skin less oily. Don't give up cross country because of acne.

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CERAVE AM-Is truly the best for acne prone skin. It has Ceramide to help build and restore the skin barrier. They have a new line (yellow packaging) that I haven't tried but acne sufferers seem to tolerate it! 

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