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Samantha Breslin

Adult Acne Sufferer - Need advice on contraception

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Hello everyone,

So I have been referring to people's advice on this website for years and have never actually posted myself. I'm in the process of trying to decide which contraception method to go with, so I figured I would get advice from people who actually understand! 

I've suffered with acne on & off for about 12 years now, I've had periods where it's been extremely bad and also periods of having completely clear skin. In the midst of all this, I have tried topical treatments, antibiotics, skin peels, nutritional therapy, 8 different methods of birth control and even Chinese herbal medicine. 
Some methods worked, others made it extremely worse and others did nothing at all. 

I'm now at a stage where I am not taking any form of contraception or medication for my skin and for the past 8 months it's been really good. I can only really put this down to be my healthy lifestyle and commitment to living stress free through practising meditation/yoga (I experienced IBS in the past and found that the stress from this made it worse). 

I am now looking to find a new method of contraception and really don't know what to do as i have tried so many. To add to my confusion, I also suffer from migraines, so most combined pills containing oestrogen (which helps acne) make them worse and more frequent! Here's some of the methods I have tried already and don't wish to revisit for various reasons.
- Combined pills: Diannette, Cerazette, Marvelon, Celeste, Microgynon, Brevinor
- Copper Coil
- Injection

Having visited my doctor, he suggested that I use the Mirena Coil - this releases a small amount of progesterone but only locally into the uterus and he claims that this will not cause my acne to come back :/

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. x

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