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Acne prone skin and oily skin. Need hepl

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Hi I am eula from Philippines. I have very oily skin and acne prone skin . 3 months ago I have clear face except for the occasional pimples occurs everymonth due to my period. During the middle of summer. I tried using lemon to lighten my face. The next day I saw my face with small pimps. Is lemon can do that? I just thought maybe its summer and it would go away but the next few days and week i know its not just pimple im starting to breakouts! It happen for 3months. I tried using korean products but it no help. Even aloevera gel that i used to use is not working anymore. Then 2 weeks ago i stop using everything except for this pond productcactive charcoal and it doest miracle so i thought its gone now my pimps are calming no breakouts BUT! NOW IM HAVING THEM AGAIN the old pimples are getting read and starting to be a pimple again . I DONT KNOW WHAT GOES WRONG PLEASE HELP ME 20170729_111609.jpg

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Oily skin usually results in the formation of clogged pores (or closed comedones) like the type of acne you have. They're fleshed-colored bumps, am I right? I have the same issue here. Unfortunately, I do not know how to stop my overactive sebaceous glands from producing oil. However, I do know how to get rid of the clogged pores. I use to have a lot of those closed comedones, and I mean A LOT. I got rid of them using an exfoliant called Mandelic acid. Other exfoliants like salicylic acid and glycolic acid failed me. Maybe you should give it a try? I use a 5% mandelic acid toner. It's pretty sick, I highly recommend!  

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