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Been a solider. But never been this defeated.

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before all this madness. I was British Army soilder. Started accutane: then I was all of sudden a victim of Ibdiease. Messed up guts all the time. Messed up face. You would think my face was hit by a grenade.

never been this low in my life. Acne is thing that finished me. Thank you everyone. Let this post show all those people with slight scarring. What scarring is.  Even with natural lighting.


Uneven jaw. Short in height. Have a disease in both face and guts. Lost all friends. Girls think I'm ugly. What am I sticking around for???

before all this I felt worth a chance. 


You know how jealous I get of people and there tiny spots and scars. Try this then.



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I just don't what to do I've done so much I'm on the strictest diet ATM. Still nothing. I give the fuck up. What do you do???

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The short answer: you start running your scar revision marathon. Because that's what it is.

First off, your straight head shot is not what you think it is. Your scarring is never as bad to others as you perceive it to be. That's fact - you are your own worst critic. 

But accepting that your scarring consumes you, which I and everyone on this board can totally understand, you have options. You should have subcision. You should microneedle. You should TCA peel or glycolic peel. And you will see, over the very long term, your condition will improve. But you have to be ready to run the marathon. Read,  Study, consult with physicians - commit yourself. 

It's hard to tell in your photos because they were taken in the dark, but it seems you have rolling scars along your cheeks,  which can definitely be dealt with. It is a little bit more difficult to make out the nature of the scars on your forehead. I  also cannot discern whether you still have active acne. But whatever the case may be, there is a treatment plan for you, you just have to put in the legwork to formulate it. 

We all wish you the the best here and remember you're not alone out there. 

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Hope it helps.

Cheeks: More texture scars.
Forehead real indentations. 

current cysts: Hopfully no scars. 






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Wanted to Provide more detail.

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At least it looks like the active stuff is under control.might find this funny but diet sometimes isnt the cause of acne,it can be other things,inknow as i am coming off a strict supposadly acne friendly diet that realy didnt do much bar make me lose like 3st!

scar revision work time!

class your scars but clear up the red first,get off as much of the creams as possible and just use a moisturiser on your face thats good for it and dont break you out.

so only use creams on yoyr active stuff,get rid of the redness and return your face to normality snd try to maintain that then scar revision work can begin.

done correctly it will clear up your scars and texture problems and you will look lot better after getting into full swing.

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For the redness, you will do very well with Vbeam laser. Since you dont have colored skin, vbeam can be used at purpura settings

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Just thought I would come back and say Life is whole lot better now. 

started going Gym found a girlfriend however we finished due complications. 

But I'm good. Life is good. I'm Happy in good shape. Reasonable health and working on myself to grow. Mentally. 

Anyone who finds this post. 

Know Life is one test with lots of questions. 

Peace out guys.


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