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Pimples there for 3 weeks already and there are more pimples appearing

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Hi guys! I really need some help here. 
I have been having these pimples for 3 weeks to a month and it still show no signs of recovery. One of the pimple had pus which was already extracted out by an acne patch but it is still a big red bump with no sign of any pus? I believe the other pimple is a blind pimple because it has no head at all. The area around my pimples are really red :(


During these three weeks, I have been using tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide but it didn't really seem to work and seems to make it worse as more pimples are appearing around the chin area... Also, I put aloe vera first before applying them.

It is making me feeling really very ugly and demoralised. So I really hope you guys can help me with this...
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Those look like pretty angry cysts... Have you tried icing? That works pretty well for me with my cysts on my chin. You ice it for 10 min, and then take the ice off for another 10 min and keep switching in between icing on the pimple and icing off for an hour. I follow up with benzoyl and hydrocortisone cream, and at night I spot treat with Murad Clarifying Mask with 4% sulfur, which dries out the zit. I leave it on overnight and it usually makes a difference. Also, I'll take ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and pain of the pimple.

I would say that if nothing has changed in the next week or two, then schedule an appointment with the derm for a cortisone shot if it's really bothering you. Good luck!

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