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Skin barrier destroyed? (only on forehead and currently using epiduo forte)

So my dermatologist has had me on Epiduo Forte and Solodyn for 13 days now, and it's been working great for my acne (cystic and closed comedones).


Backstory: my forehead had been the worst the areas since 6 months ago when this all started. So all the products/treatments I tried mainly concentrated there. I still put makeup on the lower half of the face, but never on the forehead.


and when my skin started to get better, I wanted to give a bit of concealer or even foundation a chance for my forehead.


The same exact makeup that I've used for 5+ years and still work great for my face, instantly made my forehead break out into (what I call) little "oil" pimples and at some point even 2 of the those cysts that I was plagued with initially.


this conclusion was drawn over a course of 3 days - a test run for two types of foundation (that I had and used for a long time) and a concealer (that I use everyday). 


I'm thinking that my skin barrier has been so damaged on my forehead that it can't even take the slightest bit of makeup.

And I can't really give it time to heal since I want to stick to applying the epidou forte..... 

(which by the way has been drying out my skin, but not the intense burning that everyone says).


I've went from twice a day to once a day for the epiduo in hope that maybe my forehead will take a tiny bit of makeup again.


What can I do to help this? 
What's going on? are my pores totally screwed or something? Is the epiduo making them wide open, that's why my forehead can't take makeup at all?


How do I strengthen my skin barrier while using epiduo forte?

I really want to be able to at least tint some of the dark hyper pigmentation that's everywhere on my skin.


Is this my skin forever? ): 

I need to attend a lot of events in the next month....losing hope

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 Cut bangs, to mask bad skin
do you apply moisturizer daily?  If not do apply on top of EF
try using EF every other day
do mask once a week like buttermilk 


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when i started getting acne, it was due to hair product that i was using.  the hair product (i use to have side swept bangs) got on my forehead and started clogging my pores.  if you are using anything in your hair, stop.  that is the first step.  second step, use a non comedogenic foundation.  use a hydrating cleanser.  i recommend using the neutrogena hydro boost gel cleanser because it's gentle and actually removes makeup effectively.  go in with a moisturizer after you cleanse your skin.  apply the moisturizer while your face is still damp to lock in moisture.  a dermatologist recommended cerave daily moisturizer to me and it changed my life.  it is for treating damaged skin barrier.  it has ceramides in it and people who have acne shown to have low levels of ceramides.  i cleanse and moisturize twice daily.  please don't make the mistake of putting harsh chemicals on your skin that strip it and irritate it.  i went that route and learned the hard way.  heal your skin by restoring it to its healthy state. good luck!

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