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Candy Says

Severe scarring make up. Question

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Can someone show pics with severe scarring succesfully covered with make up? Is it possible? Or scars will be seen on sun light forever wahterver we do?

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Makeup covers pigment irregularity making things even. It can slightly smooth pores, search images for benefit porefessional. It will not fill spots or make shadows disappear. The only thing that seems impossible to do on a daily schedule is Dermaflage for this which is like silicone that goes on the skin. It's very hard to apply and I never could get it to look right, especially as a guy with facial hair that grows. HA filler is much better to make the skin more even and then tca acid to work on texture than using makeup for this purpose.Even Hollywood, several have scars and have face issues. The makeup covers them up (it's coated on and not healthy) and they photo shop and edit the video to look better.

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I can cover mine with makeup pretty well. I use a silicone based pore-filling primer, then I use a green concelear to cover up the redness. then I go in with a foundation and I do NOT put powder over the scars as the mattifying effect seems to emphasise the texture, where as if you leave the foundation dewy it reflects the light instead. Yes in certain angles in sunlight it can become noticeable, but indoors it's great. Look up Cassandra Bankson on youtube for examples of hiding acne scars!

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