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Candy Says

Severe scars (pictures!) a lot of questions. Starting the journey. Follow this.

I see you have a majority of fat deficient rolling scars, some surface box cars.

If your on your second month of Accutane things do get progressively worse while on this medication, the skin is thinned out and healing, ... one must wait 6 months after they are done to treat the skin or risk more scarring.

Regarding getting worse, most likely this is due to Accuntane and it's effects on the skin to thin it out or dry it out. If your referring to pre-Accutane and your skins condition most likely you have stresses of traveling in a foreign country, humidity can accentuate scars for some with increases oils in the skin, others it helps hide them unlike dry environments. Then their is food and other stress. Alot going on.

Masks will not help with scarring at this point. 

As you are a smoker  / pot smoker this does effect the skin and healing of the skin, if you can it would be beneficial to quit for your scars sake.

As you say your skin will take many years of treatment.

I believe there is a laser Dr. for scarring in Korea they are quite good (look at that recent post about Korea), I think also we have Dr's on the faq ... top post of the acne scar sub called "faq" that may be around you ie. Singapore, etc. Regarding Dr. Davin Lim in Brisban Aus, ... the choice is yours. It may not be financially feasible. As scars take time to heal and many treatments are needed with down time. You could be there for a week each time or will be traveling after laser or procedures... Plane fares will add up. Dr. Lim specializes in laser and as such will use multiple lasers.

I do see Subcision helping you most, and I would start here, even if you have to find a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist nearby. That does Nokor (type of needle) subcision to cut the bonds to those held down pits. You will need several. I would get filler done when they do the subcisions for your fat deficiency, unevenness.

I would also look for Infini RF Microneedle, Vivance, etc... Which tends to work better than laser for acne scars. I would not do CO2 until you try all of these procedures, ... side effects  / potential fat loss. 

I would look into a medium to deep TCA peel to improve your texture. You will need several and should be able to find these local in Vietnam in a med spa where they do botox, and filler injections. 

For your redness of the scars you will need IPL, V-beam, Excel V, or 1064nm laser.

Shave first before you do any procedure so they can treat properly. 

I think you could do this locally, especially since it's so cheap where you are. Find a med spa that has these procedures (TCA peels, rf microneedle), etc. and Find a Plastic surgeon or Dermatologist that does "nokor subcision 

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ohh god, I have scars that look EXACTLY like yours, but i do not any have money to treat them (sucksssss Im a poor student so I have to save for my tuition). 
Im not gay or anything but you are good looking(really)  man, the scars sucks and decrease your attractiveness for example I live in Latin America and due to cultural similarities (spanish legacy) we have a greeting that consists in a cheek kiss, in a cheek kiss, both persons lean forward and either lightly touch cheek with cheek or lip with cheek(this greeting only applies man-woman) . but due to my scars sometimes women feel uncomfortable and they dont want to greet me (its really awkward believe me, at least you dont have this problem :D ).

I pressume you dont have back scars cause its much worse I cannot swim anymore (never again)

I will follow to see if someone gives a possible solution to your scars although I only can afford TCA treatments and dermarollers (laser is very expensive)
English is not my mother tongue so sorry for my english

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My scars are so similar to yours, I'm just done with isotretinoin, so no acne right now and will visit the derm after 3-4 months to decide what i can do for the scars, anyway do keep this post updated.

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