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What the hell is wrong with me?

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I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I can't shake this feeling out of my head, no matter what I do. Lately it's been worse than ever. It's like this tiny hammer is pounding my brain, and all the insults I've gotten over the years(about acne and just general stuff) are just swirling around in my head, and it won't stop. I can't concentrate, nothing seems worth it anymore, and I can't even get my work done.

I want to say that it's depression, but I've been on Zoloft for three months AND I'm seeing a counselor. I don't know what to do.

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Guest Captain Chaos

Go on holiday, take a break...some different surroundings might do you good..

That's all I can suggest really..

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I am sorry that you feel that way...I know what you have been going thru...

I have been there....Anxiety and depression.. it is horrible..!!

I am on amyltriptiline (sp?) It used to make me tired...which was good...because I had insomnia too....

do to the racing never ending thoughts and worry...

I would speak with your counselor...perhaps he needs to increase your dosage..or try new meds...?

You are not alone...(((Hugs))) wub.gif please keep us posted.

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there are disorders that include those types of feelings..

a couple include paranoid personality disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Both can be serious, but you could just be going through a slump...I know how things can tend to swell up over time and become so hard to deal with its utterly impossible to make anything else happen.

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You know, some antidepressants don't work for some people. Talk to your doctor/therapist and see if he/she can prescribe you something different-- Effexor, Prozac, Paxil, etc. There are so many different kinds out there-- this just might not be one that works right for you. Also, if you're being treated for just depression and not depression AND anxiety, or whatever this may be, then you are getting the wrong medication. Just talk to your doctor about it. You might have been previously misdiagnosed. I'm speaking from experience-- it might take a few tries, but once you get on the right medication and dosage life is so much easier to handle.

Also, don't ditch therapy even if you think it isn't helping. Sometimes therapy is better than the actual medications.

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man do i ever know how u feel.......seems like ur brain just goes a million miles an hour and never shuts off.....and it can sometimes get so bad to the point where it actually physically hurts, ya know what i mean? i have been diagnosed with so many different things over the past 4 years, and i dont think they have diagnosed me right yet......it sucks too, cuz ive just been waiting for things to be over, and it just never stops. i think its either OCD or paranoid, but whatever it is.......i know how u feel, and it sucks big time, and i hope u figure somethin out.

if u ever need anyone to talk to about it, just PM though k

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Forget the counselor, forget the medication.... it will only make you feel worst. Find a friend that you can trust and spend time with them. Start doing fun activities and just enjoy life... everything will fall into place. Some of my friends have gone through similar experiences in their lives where everything just seems to be falling apart for them and they don't know what to do... Talking definately helps... as long as it is with someone you can trust...

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That stuff is absolutely friggin horrible!

I took it for 4 years, on and off, the last time I took it, it screwed me over so bad until I finally figured out that it was the Zoloft causing the depression and anxiety. Also, don't go off it cold turkey, it will result in major migraines for days and other horrible symptoms. Also, to get your mind off everything, sit back and listen to some music, it always helps me relax.

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