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Help please! Does Benzac clear away pimples?

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Hi everyone! 
So I've been battling with acne for probably my whole high school life from Yr 7-12 and it still hasn't completely ceased. I've been looking up treatments and many people have reviewed that Benzac works well for them. I suffer from small pimples; they feel hard and bumpy on my face everytime I wash and cleanse. There is literally so many of them on my face, it's like caviar. If anyone has used Benzac products, please let me know if they reduce any pimples like mine? 

This is the product: [Benzac AC Gel 2.5%]

Thanks in advance! :)

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Product name suffices
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Hi, I was suffering from what felt like really bad acne . And since I starting using Benzac 2.5% gel my face has completely cleared only get the occasional one pimple now . But was a lot of other factors that did it for me and took a good 7 months to clear my face.so I used Benzac 2.5 gel just around my chin and then used the Benzac daily foaming cleanser on my forehead twice daily only used simple spotless skin wash on the rest of my face . Found this really helped . Then along with really eating healthy and cut out dairy and starting drinking 3 cups of green tea a day and a whole lotta water really cleared up my skin 

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