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Cystic pimple wont pop

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I've had a cystic pimple on the underside of my jaw for about 6 days. This started growing after I pulled some hairs from the same area. Warm compresses 3-4 times a day and still no head. Feels like a rock maybe the size of a pearl. Reddened around the outside but inside there's a definite area of yellow which move and changes position if I put the tiniest pressure on it. Do you think its time to go to a derm? If it wont come to a head could they lance it just to see what the heck is in there.  Never got a cyst from pulling a hair anywhere on my face. Could the hair follicle be infected or blocked? Please help.

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did you apply antiseptic after you notice a pimple? 
warm compress was a bad idea
apply lavender essential oil on pimple only, it should go away
share a photo with us, then we can help you

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I'd say  give it some time as it should eventually go away. I never experienced that on the face but on my underarms at times when I still pluck the hair out. It seemed like there was a mass inside the clogged pore but it would usually be darker in color.

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