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In need of support, scars and breakouts on face

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I've had pretty normal skin with the occasional pimple here and there but nothing major but everything changed at the start of this year. I've started getting more pimples but I wasn't worried at first as I had assumed they will go away like they always do and they did...but new ones came soon after and the marks from the old ones have yet to fade!! Now I have about 3 dark spots between my eyebrows, they aren't really pimples so I don't know how to deal with them. I have about 2 little pimples under the skin on each cheek and both cheeks have 2 old pimple marks. My chin has dark marks since like forever.. I used to only have to deal with 1 or 2 problems each time on just 1 area but now I have multiple problems happening at the same time everywhereeee.
I was wondering if any of you has advice for me..? Besides hydrating myself and having enough sleep.
Any general advice or product/remedy recommendation is appreciated!!

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Apply nonfat buttermilk for 15 min, do every 2 days (gentle bleach)
apply raw carrots, raw apples,(gentle bleach)
dont pop pimple if you don't want any scars
apply lavender essential oil on spots only

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