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2 year hypertrophic acne scar removal

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Hypertrophic scar on my nose— 2 summers ago, I got a big cystic acne on my nose. The cyst was there for about a week to two weeks and would grow in size and redness. I tried popping it but it had no clear head that would allow me to do it. Eventually, I was able to pop it not knowing I shouldn’t have popped it cause it was a huge mistake. 

After I popped it, it subsided but it left an elevated (hypertrophic) scar on my nose that I’ve had there for 2 years. I’ve been to a few dermatologist and some would say its “not a big deal” or that there wasn’t much they could do for it. But this is my life and it really bothers me and lowers my self esteem in social situations. In certain lighting like indoors it looks fine but when I go outdoors, it is very apparent. Whenever I put my finger on it, it feels like an “empty scar tissue”. 

I recently when to a dermatologist that said he can inject it with a intralesional kenalog injection . He did it, and for like a day the scar raised cause of the injection but then since then its subsided and my scar looks like how it was before. I’ve done research online and I keep finding that there are solutions that can help but every dermatologist that i’ve been too has said there isn’t anything that can be done. One dermatologist told me to go to a plastic surgeon and that they could probably reduce the size of it but not remove it.

I find it hard to believe that this scar has no solution when there are medical technology to help cure or treat thousands of problems. Is there some kind of solution that would help me out? I’m finding things like laser skin resurfacing, 1540 non ablative fractional erbium laser, or laser therapy and other possible methods but I’m not sure if it would work. Is there anything that can help flatten this scar?!? If there is, would it be a dermatologist or plastic surgeon that would be able to help me?IMG_2221.JPGIMG_2224.JPG

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Hi, it's been a while. I have this exactly problem as you, only I have more than 1 bump... greatly ruined my self-esteem... Have you managed to get rid of the bump? Could you tell me how? Thanks.

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