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Destroyed by Accutane

Accutane destroyed my life

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Hey guys, I am so glad that I found you....
I used Isotretinoin in the year 2002, 15 years back now in relatively high dosages.....
5 years later I started suffering from: extremely back pain, headaches, erectile dysfunction, hair loss,, arthritis in almost EVERY joint !!!!, bad vison, loose teeth, tendonitis, permanent infections (flu....)
I lost my life to this shit drug...... I have a little daughter and I really love her but I just can't stand this any longer I am in constant pain......
I  cannot walk, stand or sleep without extremely pain..... I try to work part-time as a as a teacher but I the symptoms get worse and worse..... Doctors don't believe me. I am really thinking about killing myself... this isn't worth living.......

Could you please help me?
I cannot stand the joint pain any longer

yours Pascal from Germany


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Hi Pascal,

I'm so sorry about the issues you are experiencing, I don't have any advice I am sorry.

I was just wondering what doctors you have seen and if that's helped at all? Also, whether you have ever thought about considering to see a psychologist? It seems like this has affected your mental health a little as well and it might be helpful.

All the best from Köln and hang in there!

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Did try exercising ? I know it doesn't sound lik a possible thing since your have pain but exercising most probably will turn things around!

1- its a stress reliever
2- I am on roaccutane right now and I noticed that when I constantly exercise I have less joint/muscle pain than when I don't...
I stopped exercising for a month and after that month pain kicked in, joint pain and muscle pain.... my body felt like wood, like its stiff and when I move my joints make cracking noises like I haven't moved in forever. but when I went back to exercising all the cracking and the pain was gone all I had was little muscle ache from exercising :smileys_n_people_9:..
Teach  your daughter how to be strong and be her role model. I am sure she loves you and needs you to teach her how to overcome hard circumstances :smileys_n_people_107:

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