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Snacks... WHAT TO DO?

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I'm just fed up.
I'm so careful with what I eat because of breakouts that I'm seriously losing weight.

I need to incorporate more snacks but... What can I choose?

I try nuts but nuts break me out.
Fruit - breaks me out
hummus - breaks me out
chocolate etc. breaks me out

I'm quite irritated by it all.

What do people here eat for snacks?

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I relate! It's very difficult to maintain weight when we eat so carefully for clear skin. i also avoid nuts, beans, and chocolate. 

I like to eat avocado and fresh coconut because they are calorie-dense. I also eat a lot of organic fruit because fruit doesn't break me out. In fact the more fruit I eat, the more clear my skin is. 

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and supper? Do you know how many calories you eat every day? This information can help us give you more feedback as to what you should be eating to maintain your weight. 

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I don't really calorie count, no.
For breakfast I always have a fair-sized bowl of GF-Porridge oats with hemp milk (or sometimes just water). I tend to have a bowl in the evenings too if I'm still hungry.
Snacks tend to be things like carrot sticks or cucumber sticks.
I always try and have a good lunch and dinner - example; yesterday my lunch was left over chicken casserole (organic chicken with casserole veg) and dinner was fresh caught Seabass with asparagus and streamed veg.
But as a guy I am very skinny and losing lots of weight.

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I don't eat red meat because I read that it causes inflammation.

I'm not sure about eggs. I can get organic eggs fairly easy but I know some people swear that eggs cause skin issues. I had a phase last year of eating eggs every morning for about a month and I'm sure it made my skin worse. Though I suppose I could incorporate them back into my meal plan a little.

Any thoughts on eggs and acne?

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I just posted the same thing on another thread, but after sorting out my gut issues, I can now tolerate loads of foods that used to break me out before! I've also discovered that small amounts of anything are ok. Before, I used to go through phases of taking a pot of nuts to work every day and it would break me out after a few days. Each food that broke me out seemed to have an underlying reason though which, when I fixed, stopped breaking me out. For example, any foods high in Omega 6 broke me out, but now I have massively upped my omega 3 through fish oil and flaxseed they're fine in small amounts.

I found that by adding foods high in protein and good fats into my breakfast I stopped needing to snack. 

My experiences of eggs and acne is that cheap eggs break me out, but organic free range seem to be ok. I guess the former must have a ton of antibiotics and hormones in! If I eat them frequently though they clog up my digestive system, which always leads to acne!

Have you tried berries? I like puy lentils with toppings as a snack, or a salad with lemon dressing. 

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