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I seem to have to choose between having clear skin or being a healthy weight

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Hi guys,

Apologies as this thread is somewhat of an excuse to vent more than anything else...

It seems I can either be skinny and have great skin or be a healthy weight and have horrible skin - anyone else on this same roller coaster?

Off the top of my head the following foods give me acne - dairy of any kind, olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocado, coffee. The following give me acne if I eat more than a little - oats, rice, pasta, oily fish, fruit (incl tomatoes). Strangely I seem to be able to eat sugar, sweet, chocolate and the like without any breakouts - I don't do this though for health reasons.

I'm tall and active so ideally would eat 3500 calories a day which results in a slow yet steady weight gain. The problem is as the weeks go by I get fed up with the state of my skins I drop the calories right down. My skin starts to looks great but my weight falls off. I then get fed up of being skinny and start the cycle again :(

Do you think phytoestrogens in some of the carby foods I eat could be causing the problem?


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If you eat chocolate i would think you would be a fat git!joking aside,i am suprised you can eat sweet things and not break out and not put weight on!

suprised you didnt experiment a bit more with sweets,what types and how much you can tolerate without exploding;D

i am 6ft and just lost perhsos half stonish after giving up chocolate and the usual suspects,think its individual from person to person.

regardless,good luck hope you find a good compromise and keep good skin.

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Hey Quadboy,

Yeah I know it is really strange - all the stereotypical healthy foods seem to break me out whereas the unheathy stuff doesn't!

If I ate enough sweet stuff i would gain the weight but I would also feel pretty terrible. I generally avoid all processed, unhealthy food but I wanted to make a point of noting it doesn't make me break out.

Does anyone else have a problem with foods high in phytoestrogens? I think they could be to blame for me (amongst other foods of course).


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I have just looked at the list of foods high in phytoestrogens. Yup, I can't and don't eat any of those foods like soy, oats, beans, flax seeds, beer, etc.

Pezerinno, I encourage you to definitely stop consuming foods that cause acne. Remember, the acne is just one symptom visible to you. These foods could be negatively affecting your internal body in ways that are invisible right now. 

It's frustrating to lose weight, but I think there are definitely some solutions for how to maintain weight even with so many restrictions.

Can you let us know what foods you are able to eat without a problem?

By the way, what's your experience with mature coconut? Fresh mature coconut is extremely calorie dense. (Avoid the pre-shredded dehydrated coconut, and get the one in the brown husk full of water).


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Drink herbal teas to balance hormones and prevent future acne breakouts
red raspberry leaves, nettle, burdock, milk thistle 
drink 30 min before meal
avoid taking any drugs same time

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Wow that was amazing. To know that you eat sweets and not have any breakouts.

I also wonder why you get a breakout if you eat tomatoes more than usual. I eat that I far as I can remember, be it included in a salad or a burger for example, which I thought was also good because of its Vit C contents but it doesn't cause me any breakouts at all.

Really is different for each one of us.

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Heya, have you tried taking DIM? It turns one of the negative metabolites of oestrogen into positive. It's natural - a chemical found in cruciferous vegetables. It seems to specifically work in people sensitive to oestrogen. As you put on weight, the body stores more oestrogen in fat cells I believe. Best to take with a liver support, such as milk thistle, whilst your body detoxes in the first week though. 

Meant to add also that I was more sensitive to some foods when my gut was out of sorts - I can now tolerate loads of foods in small doses that I couldn't before, after a month of probiotics and avoiding dairy/sugar/refined carbs.

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