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Am I going to have acne forever? #myacnestory

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Hello everyone ^_^

I hope you are all having a great day. 

Today I am just feeling a little bit down and decided to write a post here. So, I have been suffering with acne since I hit puberty (I am 19 now, so like 5-6 years). And off course as it usually happens at the beginning it was just manageable red zits in different places of my face. However, I started realizing that my skin is not "normal" somewhere in high school, when cystic acne just hit me like a bus and within weeks my face just got covered with huge red cysts (especially cheeks). I still remember those days like it was today….

 It happened to be that my mother went away for a vacation before cystic acne hit me and she came back two months later when my face became a pepperoni pizza. And my mom really freaked out and thought that I caught some kind of a blood disease. She even insisted on a blood test. I know that she had only good intentions, but such things really make you feel down. I started hearing more and more different comments and useless “advices” that I didn’t really need, whenever I talked to people I could feel how they gazed at my acne. I literally remember how sometimes I talked with people, and after that they would just tell me right in my face “YOU NEED TO VISIT A FACIAL THERAPY!” or “WHATS GOING ON WITH YOUR FACE MATE?” or “OR GO CLEAN YOUR FACE”. And I just realized something, the problem is not acne or those cosmetic imperfections on your face, the real problem is how society and people treat you when you have acne. And how can I even feel confident and secure about myself when I hear disgusting comments and advises on a daily basis.

I have came a long way. I have tried different acne products and antibiotics. I am extremely cautious of my diet and lifestyle. I have cut so many food that is blamed to cause acne (dairy, sugar, greasy food, coffee, chocolate, food with preservatives and you just name it…). And to be honest, my face is looking so much better and I am so happy about it. There are days when I just feel so satisfied about my skin and that just immediately make my day. However, I am still getting horrible breakouts from time to time. And I was just wondering, why? Do people that somewhat cleared out from acne are still getting cysts from time to time? For how long would I have this emotional stigma that I am still having acne?

Sorry for such a long essay, I just felt like pouring it out. So if you have read it till the end, I really appreciate it. And just know, that you are not alone. You will be fine J

 Feel free to answer me or to tell me your acne story. I would love to hear it. Have a great day!

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Read about how blood sugar effects acne, very eye opening!  i regulate sugar by adding pinch of cinnamon in water if i overdose in eating sweets, it also curb sugar cravings if do before eating sweets!
drink herbal teas daily, they heal and prevent future acne
drink 30 min before meal for better results
honeybrush, milk thistle, nettle, red raspberry leaf, burdock'
avoid using same time with other drugs
avoid scrubs, brushes, and exfoilating sponges, they spread acne more
organic dairy and meat makes huge difference!  i know by own experience
wash face with cleanser at night only, always finish with cold water to close pores
try applying acne treatment every other day, they'll work better
keep acne products away from restroom, they become more harsh and start burning skin, from my own experience

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