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Hi everyone, my name is Carla and I'm 23 years old. This is my story about my acne. 
so I always had a perfect skin with no pimples and no scars. 
suddenly I started to have pimples on my forehead. I taught it was temporary but it starts to be a lot and to make my forehead darker. I always used st-yves to wash my face and Aveeno to moisturize it. So after the multiplication of pimples on my forehead i started using African soap and shea butter to moosturize. After one week my acne didn't improve and It was worse.  So I started put baking soda, lemon, aloe Vera and betadine. For 2 days it improved but after the pimples returned. So I decided to go to see a dermato. He prescribed me skintx gel moussant to wash my face and vivierskin gel and skinmedica exfolient. After one week I realized that the vivierskin gel was not moisturize my face at all. So the dermato gave me a try on skinmedica moisturize. At first it was ok but after a couple of days it started burning my face. So I stopped it. I used cetaphil to moisturize. My face wasn't dark but the pimples was still here. The dermato tall me to stop cetaphil and try vivierskin lexxel to moisturize. The first 5 days 50% of my pimples were gone.  I was soo happy.  But after 6 six days the pimples returned and my forehead is darker and dry. I really don't know what to think...is it a process or is it a sign that it doesn't work? I have an appointment tomorrow with the dermato and I hope he will find the solution.  I will update about it.
thanks for reading me and don't hesitate to comments :)

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Baking soda and lemon are not products that can really help with acne in my opinion because those are highly acidic products that can trigger inflammation on your skin and so worsen acne...  Betadine is an antiseptic product that is used to treat superficial wounds. It won't really help with acne neither because it isn't targetting the bacteria causing acne. Finally, aloe vera is a soothing product that can be usefull if your skin is inflammed or irritated. This product can possibly be helpful for your acne.

Finding the cause of the acne can be helpfull to find the proper treatment for you.
I guess your derm already asked you, but did you change your skincare routine recently ? Maybe you are ony reacting to one of your skincare products ? 
If not, did you notice any other changes except for the forehead acne ? Did you stop your birth control, any stressfull events... ?

One advice that I can give you is to keep your skincare routine simple.
Wash your face only at night with a facewash without perfume, parabens and sulfates and then moisturise with the same kind of products.  Toleriane by Laroche-Posay is an example of products that don't contain those kind of chemicals that can irritates the skin, produce inflammation and worsen the acne.
I would recommend not trying any other treatment until you see your derm to keep it from worsening. In my opinion, he will surely give you a prescription of antibiotic cream mixed with benzoyl peroxide. Those kind of cream are really effective for acne but they won't work at 100% overnight. You must be patient to see result :). Don't hesitate if you have any other question.  And is it just me or you are a french speaker ? I am too so if it's the case don't hesitate to ask me in the language that you want :)

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Thanks toi so.much for your answer. Yes in french haha i Guess mon english is not that good..
you right lemon and baking soda are not not good for the skin. Aloe Vera too because it started irritate my skin. I washed my face in the morning and at night before go to sleep with the products that the dermato gave me. Maybe my acne is stronger than the product...maybe I need an oral prescription or a cream like tretinoid...i don't know...i just hope that the dermato will find THE solution for me because I start to be very depressed!! Nothing has changed on my alimentation or product used...really nothing...my acne appeared like that.... :( 
Ps: j'ai entendu dire que la peau de banane réduit lacne lorsque on en met sur ca. Devrais je essayer ou c'est risqué ? Oh and im.not taking birth control...

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Pour ma part, je suis moins fan des remèdes de grand-mère et produits naturels pour traiter l'acné parce que leur efficacité n'a pas été prouvé scientifiquement et parce qu'on ne peut pas vraiment prévoir l'effet que ca aura sur notre peau... Pour la pelure de banane, je ne crois pas que ca soit vraiment risqué mais je ne crois pas que tu auras grands résultats avec ca...
As-tu essayé le peroxide de benzoyl ? C'est une crème que tu peux facilement trouvé à la pharmacie et qui est très efficace contre l'acné. Comme tous les traitements, quelques mois sont nécessaires pour observer une amélioration. Tu peux aussi avoir sous prescription une crème combinant un antibiotique et du peroxyde de benzoyl. Ces crèmes la sont souvent moins irritantes que les rétinoides.
Les rétinoides comme Retin-A sont efficaces également. Pour ma part, ca a aidé pour les gros boutons enfouis profondément sous la peau  et pour les hyperpigmentations mais ma peau est devenue super grasse et mes pores ont vraiment grossis en l'utilisant donc j'ai décidé de revenir au peroxyde de benzoyl.  Pour ce qui est des traitements oraux, certains contraceptifs combinés peuvent aussi être d'une grande aide !

Qu'est-ce que ton dermato t'as suggéré finalement ? 

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Merci pour tes conseils :)
finalement mon dermato m'a prescrit accutane 40mg. Je commence aujourd'hui. Je sais que je vais avoir la peau très sèches qui pèle, les lèvres sèches et fendues...des douleurs au corps...depression souvent....mais ce qui m'inquiète c'est le breakout inital! Pour l'instant pour acne se résume sur tout mon front...pleins de petits et moyens boutons, de lhyperpigmentation, des picotements, front secs, point noirs et blancs....dois je m'attendre à pire que ça?

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