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Horrible raised scarring on face after using tretinoin

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Hello everyone, thank you for reading. I've been struggling with huge pimples/cysts for a long time. I think my very first bad outbreak was in sixth grade. But, for whatever reason, I never went to a derm about it until four years ago (I'm a 27 year old female)... I decided to finally go to see a derm and praying they could help with the unsightly and painful acne I struggle with. 

So i went to my first appointment and she prescribed me doxycycline, tretinoin cream and clindamycin cream. It seemed to work for my huge acne and I was very relieved. But i started to notice scarring/weird flesh colored bumps on the side of my chin. I told my derm about it and she told me it's not possible that tretinoin caused this . Well.. i disagree completely. I've had acne all my life and NEVER developed this or had it until i started tretinoin. But, i went with her opinion because i thought she knew better.
She moved and told me to go to another derm at the same place. I started treatment with her and she told me to keep with the tretinoin that it'll actually get rid of it. I was hopeful and went against my gut instinct and listened to her advice. She prescribed a higher dosage(.05)? I think, sorry is been a while since I used it, and so i used it. I kept at it for a year, went through two tubes and it got worse. Worse! At this point, I'm severely depressed. Looking in the mirror is painful. I don't even look the same and I don't even feel like myself anymore. Confidence and self esteem way down.... i pray everyday that these will go away! Please, any information or help or if anyone had this and found a way to get rid of this i will be forever grateful. Thank you.


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It's definitely is not suitable for your skin that drug!  Looks like burned and inflamed skin
drink herbal teas daily( they heal and prevent acne);
honeybrush, red raspberry leaf, nettle, milk thistle, burdock
drink 30 min before meal(avoid using with other drugs)
avoid using scrubs, brushes and exfoliating sponges ( they spread acne all over face)
take vitamins especially made for skin
drink buttermilk/kefir daily ( heal gut flora)
organic dairy and meat makes a huge difference!
order online Sonya Dakar face oil, it might help you a lot!

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Try eating raw food maybe half of the day either breakfast, lunch or dinner
for sure your skin will improve!:)

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Finally I see someone with similar hypertrophic to mine. Mine wasn't caused by tretinoin or clindamycin (although I do use both now.) The ones on my chin just sort of popped up overnight and the rest came up after pimples healed, etc. Since you didn't get a lot of feedback here I'd recommend posting your pics on the subreddit r/skincare addiction. I'd be very interested to hear what they think it is since I haven't been able to find any answers myself either. 

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