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How much time needed for low dose accutane?

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I have been taking 10 mg daily of Epuris (different brand of Isotretinoin) for 8 months and have 30 more pills left before my next appointment with my dermatologist in June. I tried Epuris about a year and a half ago and did 1 month of 10 mg daily, 1 month of 20 mg daily and then maybe a week (if that) of 40 mg daily before I found the side effects too much. Im just under 56kg so after I finish this last pack my cumulative dose will only be about 64 mg/kg when some posts I've read recommend 120-150 mg/kg for lasting results. I just read an article saying these numbers aren't really that accurate anyway. I just want to know from other's experience if this amount should be enough to have any kind of lasting results. I really don't want to be on Epuris for another year but also don't want my acne to come back! Compared to other accutane users my acne was very minor. I would get the odd cystic pimple and normal breakouts but then right before I started Epuris (which is why I went on it in the first place) I had a very bad breakout on my face and all down my back which was not my normal. I don't have any scarring other than a few dark spots but I suffer from rosacea so they kind of blend in with that issue! My skin is now clear and I will occasionally get tiny little spots that clear up in a day anyway. I'm hoping at my next appointment I can stop Epuris and maybe get a topical prescription to maintain the results. Any experience with this would help! :)

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I was on a 20mg dose of accutane a few years ago. My acne was quite bad before and especially during the treatment so it took a little over a year before I could come off it. Unfortunately the results didn't last for me and is still a problem, but for most people it seems to work wonders!  I think stay away from the high dose and bad side effects, even if it means you have to stay on the drug for longer. :)

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Hey, my skin is exactly like yours. I wanna know about your experience with 10mg a day for 8months since i am also going to low dose on accutane. How was the first month like? Note that I don't get cysts usually now I just get oily skin and sometimes pimples that hurt but when they come to head they become white(gross ik sorry) and then they go after 2 weeks but they are not common now but I do get them in 1 or two months and its quit frustrating so I wanna control my oil and acne with low dose accutane. Also I weight 80kg so i dont think I will get much side effects if i go on accutane for six months on 10mg a day and after 10mg a week for a year. There are people who have done low dosed accutane course for years. 

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