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My hypertrophic scar journey with apple cider vinegar

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About 10 years ago I had a spot which I popped and it didn't go, it became scarred and raised. 

I was *very* conscious of it, especially when my daughter (8) asks "mammy, why do you have that spot in your nose?" - it'd been there her entire life. 

Anyway, I happened to stumble on this site by chance where someone had posted about using Apple Cider Vinegar to remove scars. 

I was desperate for a (non surgical) solution to my scar which was very red in appearance and raised about 2mm off my nose.

I read the posts and the more I read the more excited I got about a possible fix to the scar which was really difficult to cover when wearing makeup and made me feel really subconscious. 

So I didn't really follow others instructions. I soaked a little piece of cotton wool in ACV and placed it in my nose and covered that with an elastoplast and kept it on overnight. When I removed the plaster the next morning I couldn't see the scar - I was delighted. However, as soon as the air got to it, it became more visible yet again and the skin around it was red (a bit if a skin burn, oops!) 

Nevertheless, I kept up with the same routine and did the same every night for 3 days, at the end of day 3 the scar had decreased significantly in size, it was no longer raised however was still red. I figured I just needed to leave it after that and allow the skin to cool and voila. Scar is gone.

It really didn't scab over too badly either, it just looked like a spot. I went to work as normal. 
The skin where it was is ever-so-slightly darker however with everyday normal skin peeling, I don't imagine it will take long at all to look the same colour. 

I'M OVER THE MOON!!! I no longer need to feel conscious about my nose and have an unsightly bump in my nose. 

If it's worked, I've included photos in chronological order, showing the appearing lighter, then darker again and finally the bump gone etc. This was over the space of 2 weeks. 

ACV really did work for me. 20170513_053813.jpg20170513_053827.jpg20170513_053918.jpg20170513_092431.jpg20170514_203702.jpg20170514_081203.jpg20170518_234317.jpg20170518_233655.jpg20170518_162522.jpg20170520_130106.jpg20170523_054626.jpg20170529_091922.jpg


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Did you dilute the ACV at all? 

So the process is ACV -> Massage in -> Elastoplast overnight -> Remove -> Morning Routine -> go to work without a bandaid?  
Repeat for 3 days? 

You had this scar for 10 years?

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Don't trying this method on open pimple!
do on close pimple only! or else you'll burn skin

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