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Hello friends,

Past Events: 1st course: I first was on Minocin (I think it was about 50mg a day). - MINOCYCLINE 
                       2nd course: i was prescribed with Decutan (50mg a day for 12 months) - ISOSTRETINOIN . Which clearned me up extremly well. I had almost clear skin with rarely noticeable small spots every now and then, but all in all it was a huge success.

After about 5-6 months after I finished my 2nd course, my (which I consider is aggressive/cystic acne) reappeared. It was then I decided to go again to my dermatologist. 3rd course: He then prescribed me with Minaxen (100mg x2 a day) -MINOCYCLINE.
Now, about 40 days after I visited my dermatologist and 40 days passed since I began my 3rd course. I'm not seeing major effects, but I noticed that small white heads are appearing besides the  2-3 cysts. I also have acne on my chest.

Does Ice help with cystic acne? I apply ice but I am only seeing minor decreasing effects...
How long does Minocycline take to see significant effects?

Thanks in advance.

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On 6/2/2017 at 2:16 AM, AhaGuru said:

Apply lavender essential oil on cysts and they'll go away on its own

What does it actually do to the cysts? Do I apply it directly undiluted?

Thanks in Advance,

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It's up to you, yes you can add one dropto vitamin E for strong smell
It dries cysts out and calm skin

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I had bad acne and Minocycline stopped new pimples in about 3-4 weeks, was completely clear in 2 months. Then my derm put me on low dose isotretinoin to stay clear for some more time. I got second course of 2 months of Minocycline, got my biggest cyst ever at the beggining (Mino didnt started to work yet) that left me with big scar, Minocycline didnt help on that as it lasted a month. But besides that I got no new pimples while on Mino. I think it is great option, would love to take it long term if possible. 

Am currently on Accutane for Nth time. It destroyed my skin now (doesnt heal properly), would love to stop it and go to Mino.

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