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I have been under the regular care of a dermatologist and aesthetician for about two years. Initially, I used photofacials for sunspots, loss of color (one dermatologist called it pityriasis alba), and small defects. At first, the treatment was an absolute godsend. The treatment mostly replaced my use of oral medication. Now, the treatments reliably reduce sunspots and small blood vessels, but sometimes cause major cystic acne flare-ups. Also, I am thinking about stopping photofacials since I probably had about 20 treatments!

Anyway, one thing the photofacial is not addressing is a dark elevated mark on my cheek and chin. The two major marks are mostly caused (I think) by the repeated stress of cystic acne and cystic acne networks. I should add that the worst cyst scar preceded the steroid injection(s). However, I did have one slight elevation (not discolored) caused by a dermatologist who used a high-concentration of steroid and a large gauge needle. I do not regularly have steroid injections (a total of 5 or 6 in my lifetime).

I read Beautiful Ambition's guide and wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation. I am scheduled to see my aesthetician in 10 days and plan to try something new. At the time I saw my dermatologist, I discussed a chemical peel, since my acne was more active. The dermatologist did not suggest a particular strategy. I am wondering what products or treatments you might recommend. My concern is that another photofacial could aggravate my skin. I have not tried other cosmetic interventions. I was told by a dermatologist I normally do not see, that early treatment can reduce scarring. Interestingly, she was enthusiastic about photofacials. I am not interested in high-risk treatments. Any feedback is appreciated!

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I would suggest you follow your dermatologists guidelines. They know you best and are responsible for your care. I cannot take care of everyone here, it gets overwhelming. I offer some treatments but they may not work for everyone.

Sometimes IPL does not work because it's not strong enough to reach the problems. Vbeam can be good, excel V are for vascular problems. IF these don't work derms use CO2 laser which is stronger. 

Acid peels have also been known to help and hydroquninone is skin bleach. Discuss this with your aestitician. 

Let us know if you find something that works.

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Hi I have hypopigmentation on my face too caused by ipl , beware . What treatment did you have exactly to treat your white spots ? It can't be photofacial because that's a form of ipl and it removes color , never adds. It may have been photo therapy . I was also wondering did it give you hyperpigmentation in the process? Thanks 

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