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accutaane: glucose level high

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I just got my blood test back, its been 3 months since I started Accutane. My glucose level was high, at 6.5 mmol/L . Could this be because of my Accutane? My derm says it isn't, but i've read about how accutane might cause the glucose level to go up. Help! Should I stop accutane? Will this cause me to become diabetic!!! ... =(

I really need your advice guyss...

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One of the side effects of accutane is a chance for an increase in blood sugar (glucose). Do some reasearch on "hyperglycaemia" (I'm pretty sure that is the condition) I know it's excess production of insulin in the body and it sometimes occurs sometimes after eating, alcohol use, and stomach surgery. So if you ate anything less than 12 hrs before blood test or drink on a regular basis, that could be why.

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Yes, Accutane has the ability to increase a person's Insulin Resistance. Since it can do this by increasing your lipid levels, these can compete with glucose for cell uptake. However, my guess is that individuals that show up high, may already be prone to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes as there are several studies being done to see whether accutane permanently causes diabetes in some patients...but they were probably already prone to it. Because there's a connection between Insulin Resistance and acne for some of us on the board, someone pointed out to me that this may be why individuals on accutane get that initial breakout. Hmm.

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Were you given instructions to fast for 12-14 hours before having your blood drawn? If you ate anything prior to it that could have given you the high glucose level. I know I have to fast prior to my blood draw for accutane.

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