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Lactic Acid Peel burn -Look Back.

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So exactly one week ago i decided to do another lactic acid peel (40%), it's been like the 5th peel ive ever done. But this time i did microdermabrasion before hand, i had read online that it would actually help the lactic acid peel reach deeper in the skin therefore be more effectfull.  So after the microdermabrasion I applied the lactic acid peel as i normally would. But immidiatly after i applied the peel a strong burning feel slapped my in the face. Not washing it off was kinda stupid but i felt like it was a waste of product (yh im greedy). so after 2 min i decided to wash it off anyway. seeing small white stripes on my face (probably the skin i forgot to do microderm on).  it felt more irritated the normal but i couldnt see any burn/scars so i went to sleep.

Day 1-
So i woke up and looked in the mirror. Parts of my face where terribly burned leaving a brownish crust on my skin. it looked terrible. I applied my normal moisturizer since i didnt have aloe vera laying around i didnt even have sun screen (again im kinda stupid).

Day 2- i found out i had some brickwell moisturizer with aloe vera and jojo oil. so i started using that. the brownish crust was still there no significant diffrence.

Day 3- when i woke up still no diffrence i kind off got scared it would never go away and leave a permenant scar. but that evening i went under the shower and almost all of the brown crust came off only leaving slightly red/pinkish skin.

Day 4- when i was asleep al the brown crust came off. my skin was still kind off pinkish and other parts off my face that werent effected by the burn also started to peel off (its called a pee for a reason.)

Day- 5 my skin was still peeling a little bit not much diffrence any way.

Day-6 the pinkish started to turn back to normal and the peeling had stopped.

Day-7 Skin fully back to how it was no permenant scars what so ever.

Conclusion: I used the lactic acid peel to get rid of hyperpigmentation and my skin is actually clearer then before the burn( this does not mean u should burn your face) but if you do dont worry it will probably go away.  I did everything u shouldnt do when ur face is burned (no sun screen i sat in the sun). and it all got better for me!

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