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How I finally got clear after 15 years

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I used to lurk here years back, haven't been on in awhile. Then yesterday in one of my Facebook groups a woman posted about her frustration with acne, so I took the time to tell her how I got clear. Thought I'd copy and share here in hopes of helping someone also battling the beast.

I had acne for 15 years. Sometimes it was mild, sometimes horrible. Read everything, tried everything. It was terrible.

I've found finally that these 3 things keep it clear. If I slack, it comes back. I also still sometimes get one or 2 around my period, but after my history I just laugh at them. 

I'll post a pic and explain each thing.

1- Ultra Omega 3. I buy this from Amazon for $21 a bottle. Yes, the bottle says take 1-2 per day. I take 4 of these bad boys. I find this keeps away the huge, deep, cystic spots. But if I let myself run out or forget for 3 or 4 days, they come back. 

2- Stridex in the red box. One pad per night before bed, wipe my face and done. If I didn't wear makeup that day (and most days I usually do not) I don't even bother washing first. This keeps away the small bumps that I can barely see but you can feel with your hands. Also prevents blackheads. I get it at Walmart or any drug store. It's everywhere for about $4.

3- Proactive step 3. Only step 3, the wash and the toner are garbage. ALSO this medicine is so harsh and burny, I only use it every 3 days or so and it works. It supplements the other 2 to keep it all clear. I buy this in a kiosk at my local mall for a whopping $40, but only using a small amount every 2 or 3 days, it lasts forever. Also on the day I use this, I don't don't use the Stridex pad. I Stridex on the off days

I don't know why I have acne, I gave up trying to figure it out. I eat what I want now, I got tired of the acne obsession. These 3 things have kept me consistently clear for over a year.
But like I said if I slack and any of these three things, it always comes back.
Good luck  ❤️IMG_5478.JPG
Ps, in anyone wonders what wash  and IMG_5479.JPGlotion I use its cerave. But I'm not to not too precious about it, I  think washing twice a day every day is a bit much unless you've worked out or worn makeup.   

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