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Red/pink skin left after squeezing ??

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I popped a pimple and this pinky red patch has been on my forehead for about 5 days. What is this and will it scar? Will aloe Vera gel help? I have been applying anti-septic cream but I think that's been slowing down healing. I have olive skin if that helps. 


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dont squeeze your lips or its lip up fatty ha lip up fatty fatty reggae time

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@ssond11 This was in the wrong section, it's not a scar, it's hyperpigmentation and 5 days out most likely PIE. Please read about PIE and PIH in the signature link below, goto the skin section and find PIE. It's a wound from squeezing. It will take a long time to heal. You need to be putting tripple antibiotic or aloe vera with honey or vaseline. After it heals  bit, you should possibly use a scar silicone square that goes on top. Emu oil also has healing properties but I would not suggest while it's raw like this using that one. A doctor would give you a steroid most likely only after the wound has healed a bit more. It is a very long healing process, like a scrape. Goto a derm if you are overly concerned. You won't treat for the red or hiperpigmentation for several weeks until the wound has resolved more. Keep it moist otherwise you will get a scab. No washes, picking, or exfoliating until healed. IF you must wash it use dilute white vinegar with water, or baby shampoo and pat the area never rub. 

Hydrocortisone cream will help once the wound resolves, do not use over 2 weeks. 

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