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Male Hormonal Acne

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Is it possible to have bad acne at 19 years old? My skin went from clear to nodular prone acne skin just after turning 19 years old.

Would be great for some advice. Thank you!

My Dermatologist put me on accutane right after Doxy where acne came back after one month after completing my 4 month treatment. Currently on 40 mg a day for my first 2 months. Never thought that accutane was going to be my last resort since skin went from clear to bad pustular/nodular acne on cheeks and mild acne on chin/forehead when i turned 19.
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Around 19 was when i first flated up,30 years later (hints my age) i still get mild breakouts with occassional larger zit!

i never did medicines bar clearasil back in the days and recently stopped panoxyl/benzol peroxide full stop bar on any spots,not all over or as a detterent.

healthy diet,drinking glass of water few times daily,wash with warm water and pat with clean towel every time you wash,mo fingers on face and keeping general hygene good will help.

case of finding out what works for you,what makes your acne react and flare up.

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my dermatologist swears by the accutane as the best option. I would stay on accutane as long as your dermatologist says its okay to continue it. It's a drug with many potential side effects so keep it mind. 

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Thank you so much :) yeah i guess accutane is the best option for me. One month in and my face went back to what it was before starting to break out, that is, dry skin. When i started breaking out badly, the only thing i've noticed with my skin is how greasy and shiny it became. I don't use harsh chemicals or wash my face too often, so that was not the problem (Tried the caveman regimen at a certain point). Drinking 4 litres of water day, i guess its fine to blame hormones. Well, it sucks for acne to hit at 19. 

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Some more information about me: I've tried switching diets, stopping dairy, reducing calorie intake, fish oil, starting/stopping multivitamins, sleeping patterns, exercising more often and less often. Still no improvements in the past. :( 

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