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Hi all!

So I've been on roaccutane for 3 months now, I'm on 30mg. I've had mild to moderate acne for 6 years now & tried roaccutane as basically a last chance saloon.

Not seen huge results so far, but my skin is noticeably drier; yes this is a good thing & the purpose but putting make up on is a nightmare!! I use liquid concealer & a power foundation obviously to hide the spots & scarring. Under my make up I've been using Cetaphil moisturiser but the dryness remains, and half way through the day at work, my skin is looking flakey around my chin (one of the word affected areas) which isn't the most attractive look for a female lol.

Are there any moisturisers/products that anyone would recommend? I'd appreciate suggestions a lot!!

Sam :)

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Maybe you should try switching to liquid foundation, Ive used both liquid and powder foundation and I found that powder foundation always stuck to my dry patches and make them 10x more obvious, whereas I don't get this problem with the liquid so your dry patches may be less noticeable. As for moisturisers I always recommend E45 cream to apply before you go to bed and to soak in overnight. it doesn't have any perfumes or anything like that in it and has really helped me when my skin gets dry!

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I was in same the situation as you are . For this I used Aloe Vera Gel for face. you can mix it in your Foundation adding bit of moisturizer and sun cream. Hope this also work for you. Best of Luck   

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One emergency trick you can try if your skin is looking flaky while you have makeup on while you're out is:
rub a little bit of moisturiser into your hands
rub well, you don't want to see any visible residue and it should feel greasy but not wet
then pat this into the dryness in your skin, and press it in
it worked for me!

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