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Hey, I'm new to this and never done a 'forum' thing before but I'm desperate and I thought no one knows better than those who've tried it right?
so, I recently discovered a 'pimple' / spot on my nose, it didn't have a head it was just a bright red lump. It was incredibly embarrassing so I immediately tried squeezing it or trying to pop it but there was nothing to pop? All that came out was a weird clear coloured liquid and it came out bit by bit. The next day I woke up and had this HUGE red thing on my face, it wasn't a spot/ pimple but it looks more like a burn and I have no idea bag to do to get rid of it? It's huge and completely unmissable and I need it to be gone by Monday? It has this weird Ellie coloured part in the middle, at first I thought it was a scab but it looks more like I've burnt your skin rom squeezing so hard and ended up removing layers of my skin! If anyone has any recommendations or home remedies or quick solution it would honestly mean a lot, I feel disgusting and just want it off my face asap!

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These are the most important home remedies are listed below







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I learned my lesson from trying to squeeze and pick at those types of pimples. Alternate between moisturizing and I would highly recommend trying Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers.

Edit: Didn't realize this was an old post. But oh my gosh, ignore the recommendation of using lemon or toothpaste. NO!

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