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How can I treat these bumps on nose / Acne Scars on Nose? Please help!

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When I was 15-17, I got a lot of acne on my nose which left scars up until now (I am 21 now).
The bumps are very noticeable as they are big and I got too many. I've tried many products on my nose, but so far none have worked at all.
Below are some pictures
Please let me know some treatments
21 (2).jpg26 (2).jpg22 (2).jpg

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@needhelpplz These could be all sorts of things. Clogged pores, or Sebaceous Hyperplasia. Please goto the dermatologist. They will use a electric needle to open them up or laser. Possibly they will give you a cream. 

Occasionally if they are hypertrophic / raised they will inject steriod to make them go down.

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I have many of them on my nose (10 years now). I tried cortisone shots (5 sessions). It worked very well and they got disappeared, however they reappear back after 2 weeks after every session. I tried microneedling, many types of strong co2 lasers, and nothing hasn't worked too unfortunately.

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@feverish If they come back in two weeks your not treating the cause. Hypertrophic scarring is a excess of tissues the body produces in a inflammatory way. Your body attacking itself. There are some medications to help with this, see a general derm to get it under control.

Show the provider this article and ask if there is anything they have to stop them: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S001429991930144X

Also you may need to have them scraped off by a derm or electro surgery or even excision. Be aware you must use silicone sheets on the area for compression nightly to prevent re-occurrence. 

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