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I really want flawless skin:/

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When I started my freshman year of college I got THE worst breakout I have ever had.lnow I just have dark marks and some of them are indented ... it really makes me feel so ugly and insecure in anything I do..it makes me want to just stay in my room all day lol. I know it seems shallow but I have never had good skin ..ive always had oily skin, huge pores and little pimples but never scars and now that i have them I don't even like to look at myself...im going back home for the summer in a couple days and I know my skin looks bad...does anyone have any tips to lighten up scars? I've tried a lot of things, I do a lot of research but I wanted to know about other people's experiences...btw these pictures were taken with a bit of concealer because I was on my way to work but there not too dark without the makeup, only a couple are. I've been using clindamycin and tretinoin for two months. image.jpgimage.jpg

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Tretinoin will eventually lighten the marks but I agree with the above poster that your skin already looks amazing compared to most of us on here. I know that doesn't help you feel more confident as you're probably like me and compare yourself to people with immaculately foundationed skin all the time, but I for one am very jealous of yours!!!

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