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So I've created an account specifically for this issue hoping that I'll find some different advice for a change. I'm an 18 year old female and about 2 months ago I started to get cystic acne on my chin from stopping my birth control (I ran out and never called for more). I was unaware of how harmful the sudden stop could be to my hormones so I immediately broke out 2 weeks after stopping the bc. Each day the cyst on my chin got bigger until it got so big and painful that I couldn't smile, I had somewhat a lisp when I talked, I couldn't eat certain things, it kept me up at night because of the pain, and I didn't go out in public at all. I went to a walk-in clinic and they prescribed me with clindamycin 300mg 4 tablets per day for a week, they weren't sure if it was a staph infection or cyst. I used a hot compress for 2 days straight after I started using the clindamycin and my cyst on my chin finally drained somewhat after accidently scratching a patch of the healing skin over the cyst. The day after the pain was even worse and I finally went to the derm and got a cortisone shot for the oval like cyst taking over my chin and it was 100% gone within 4 days. I started taking birth control again to get my hormones re-regulated but this time I take it at night instead of in the morning (same pill medication). My diet has always been the same not super healthy but not super unhealthy and I've always had a large dairy intake so I'm not sure why that would be affecting my acne now if it is. I have used all home remedies such as tea tree oil, burt's bees products, apple cider vinegar, lemon, aloe vera, polysporin, Neosporin, coconut oil, olive oil, tarragon, ice, Vaseline, and several other remedies. I'm curious as to why cysts are reappearing on my chin 4 weeks after my cortisone injection. Is the rest of the infection trying to get out and detox since it was so big (I don't believe the shot relieved the whole infection as I was left with a small tender flat bump that has finally flattened and seems to have turned into another cyst). I'm also guilty of picking at my skin from time to time so I'm not sure what is the main cause of my reoccurring chin cysts or if its a combination of things. I've never had cysts before my sudden stop of birth control 2 months ago and my skin is normal, rarely any breakouts. I usually cause them myself cause I have some OCD and pick at unnoticeable things on my face and make them more noticeable. Right now aloe vera cooling gel and a warm compress seems to be working the best for my new cyst, but I'm afraid of this cyst turning into another monster. I'm going to Cali in a week for a school trip/competition and would like this all gone and healed, is there anything new I should try? Any advice? I don't think another cortisone shot is an option. I feel like I have tried and searched every corner of the internet on chin cysts causes, treatments, and symptoms. The first three pictures are from my monster cyst and the forth is my current cyst now with surrounding skin that is healing from spots I picked stupidly.





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