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Folliculitis or something else?

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Hello everyone!

I suffer from these pimples for years as far as I remember my self. Mainly the problem is at chest, back of legs and at my back. The worst is at back of legs.

At photos the condition seems better than it is. Initially i thought that is was acne but trying sampoo, soaps, creams, exfoliation made the problem worse.
I take bath daily and change cloths almost every day. I have read that it is due to poor hygiene but I don't think that this is the case since I am very careful. 
So it seems to me that it might be some kind of folliculitis maybe from fungus. My chest photo there is redness around some hair follicies no matter what. Unfortunately they dont go away. They might persist for two or more weeks and then get replaced by others. Sometimes they evolve to pimples with pus.
Only thing that help me a bit was reducing sugar intake and dairy products.

I have visited dermatologists but they don't bother to offer any treatment even for my keloid.
I am searching for good doctors to visit.

However I want to do something about it since I am trying to change my lifestyle.

I would like to ask you whether this is acne or folliculitis and whether you have any suggestions!
Thanks a lot!

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