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I started using the OCM with 50:50 castor oil and sunflower oil after spending countless hours reading up about which oils would be best for my oily skin. I also would add a bit of tamanu oil to help with my acne scarring as well. I would lather the mixed oils and apply them to my face using circular motions for about 2 mins. Then I would put a warm towel over my face to open up my pores -- after the towel would return to room temp I would wipe away all excess oil from my face. I did this morning and night (night taking off all my makeup with it). I used this for 3 days and woke up this morning with what feels like a sunburn around my chin/jaw area and up by my temples. I noticed I have these little white bumps all over that I have never experienced having before.

I'm not sure if this is what people meant when talking about your skin "purging", but it is definitely not comfortable! I would assume that I am having some sort of bad reaction to this method of cleansing? Before using this, I was using Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever for about a month and noticed my skin to be more smooth and glowing but still got bumps here and there. Using that oil however, I never had any reaction like this. Can anyone else relate or maybe give some insight onto what I am experiencing?

I was really hoping this method would work for me as I have pretty oily skin and have read stories of people having great success with this balancing their oil. I used to take 100mg spironolactone daily which worked wonders for me but wanted to try a more natural approach.

Thank you!


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