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Help. On month 3 of regimen, beginning to think my acne is actually rosacea

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I am a 29 year old female that's suffered from what I believed to be moderate hormonal acne for the last 5 years. Before that, I never got a single pimple, even throughout puberty. 

I usually have 2-5 cysts and 1-5 papules/pustules at all times. I rarely get black heads or white heads. All my acne is located on the bottom half of my face, on my chin and cheeks, not my nose. My skin is oily in summer, dry in winter. I am a vegetarian, I eat well, drink loads of water, exercise regularly etc. 

I started using Dan's regimen in mid January. I am using all Dan's products and follow the regimen vigilantly. My skin has only just begun to adjust to the BP, and I have seen no improvement with my acne. I experienced brutal initial breakouts when I first started the regimen, with new spots popping up in the weirdest places, where I had never had acne before. My skin was flaky, red, sore and itchy as it adjusted to the BP.

Recently, I came across an article about rosacea and realised I have many of the symptoms. I flush really easily, I get random red patches on my skin, I often feel like I have foreign objects stuck in my eyelashes, and I have tiny broken blood vessels on my cheeks and near the base of my nostrils. 

Now I'm wondering if I should continue with the regimen? I've come so far and I don't want to quit. Can the regimen be used to treat rosacea? Or am I just making things worse? 

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