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reoccurring cystic acne on forehead (on month 3 now) - at my wit's end

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this is my first cystic acne breakout - and it's on my forehead and going on 3 months now. 
Healing as it goes - and then new ones emerge overnight.

I've always been acne prone, and have a simple routine that helps any surface acne. 

I had my first cystic acne break out on my forehead/hairline (the ones that are big and deep where they take a long time to drain or shrink). I blame the period where I tried a bunch of new skincare, not remembering that my skin easily clogs (from thicker foundations too).


It's not folliculitis cause they don't itch, and they aren't milia cause I had milia my entire life and I know the difference.


Whatever exfoliation liquids or those "acne" pads I tried, they only irritated and made my bumps worse. And on top of that after 3 weeks, they gave me fine lines that I've never had before.

So I really don't want to use them anymore. But I still have no idea what these bumps are. 


I'm on my third month. JUST as my forehead starts clearing up, NEW ones reform.



My old simple routine that works with my dry dry sensitive skin:

Aveeno intense moisture overnight cream (this cream saved my dry dry flaky skin for years now with no problem)

bio oil for acne scars and rough skin


Products I've tried to use for this bad breakout and the current bumps:

Cosrx one step pimple clear pads (made it worse)

Sonoma tea tree oil serum (made it worse)

Arcona aftershave pads (I think made it worse)

Aloe vera Gel (I used for a little bit, but the formula has parabens)

Aloe vera leaves (wow it made me breakout a whole new fresh batch)

Paula's choice CLEAR regular strength exfoliating solution (honestly it gave me fine lines. stopped it immediately)
aztec clay mask w/ ACV (regulates it but is not helping)


Mario drying lotion, and drying cream help bring them to a head. but that doesn't stop new ones from forming.

Cosrx pimple patches (have worked very well to drain and bring some bumps to a head)

Please - WHY is it when I'm starting to see improvement and a smoother surface, NEW acne reforms and the process starts all over again? 

This is the first time I'm experiencing this type of acne and even my close ones are like "why isn't your forehead healing at all?"

I just bought probiotics today and hoping that it will work. But meanwhile, I really don't want to go to the term in case of any more "suggested" chemicals that will ruin my skin.

please please please

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