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The picture added was September of 16'.

it's honestly crazy how we forget about the hardest times of our lives... and move on like it was nothing.

april 15, 2017.

it has been about 7 months since this photo.
i am now basically clear. No cysts AT ALL. Just a few red marks which seems to clear naturally.
I even forgot I had acne before, because now I've been busy with life. but recently came across a video about acne, and was glad I had the confidence to take these photos during the hardest time of my life.

I just want to say... it really does get better. I didn't believe it. You may not either, but that's why I decided to come back to give back. Ask any question and concerns and I will gladly resolve all your CURRENT issues :). 

Trust me, I think i've had it the worst... 

I could tell my entire story, but I'd rather answer specific questions :)





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First of all, congrats! That's so awesome. Would love to see what your jaw and cheeks look like now. 
Secondly, I'd like to know how you got your skin cleared. Specific products? Diet? Etc? 

My acne isn't as bad as yours was, but I've been getting at least 4 huge white heads on my chin and forehead, as well as cysts on my cheeks, for 5 months now, and it's bothering me a lot. I used to have pretty nice skin with maybe one or two pimples on my face. Now I get cysts and whiteheads, and it bothers the hell out of me. I've tried everything except antibiotics.

Thanks! :)

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Hello FineShrine! I was dealing with the exact same problem- I had mostly clear, albeit oily skin that suddenly turned into cystic acne on my cheeks as well as some whiteheads elsewhere. I am not sure what you're doing for your skin, but what REALLY helped me was sun exposure (with sunscreen!!!!), zinc supplement, and MSM supplements. Now I am mainly clear besides one deeply grounded spot of cystic acne, scarring, and a few closed comedones I am fixing with Sulfur masks. :) 

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