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Joanna yew

Acne help...

Hi guys, I rlly need help:-(

my skin was never rlly bad to begin with. I had the occasional hormonal breakout on my foreheads but I was clear on my cheeks and everywhere else. However, I was unsatisfied and wanted to get rid of all acne for good and get Korean like kind of skin. I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed with differin. The derm told me it would help unclog my skin and I would get "smooth and nice" skin.

and so my regime on differin started, and it was nothing short of disastrous and hell for me. For about 3 months or for as long as I could remember in the entire semester 1 of university, I was breaking out on my cheeks, the area where I've never broken out for 19 years of my life.

my face was in a very bad state and when I confronted my derm, she said it was inevitable bcos I was badly "clogged up" I do not buy her story bcos my cheeks were completely clear before this.

its been bout 7 months since all of this and I am now on retacnyl . I am no longer having disastrous breakout on my cheek but my scars are equally tormenting..  I have no self esteem now and i basically look like shit bcos of my scars.  Rlly regret going on differin. I've been doing everything I can to protect my face. Sunblock, moisturizer, not touching my face etc but the progress is just too slow. 

Will my scars are ever go away completely ..? How long do I have to wait?....IMG_4092.JPGIMG_4090.JPG
pics of my scars^

ah yes and also. My skin is a lot oiler now but yet also very dry once I wash it. It feels as though my skin has become very thin due to the massive breakout I had... there just seems to be a lot of provlems with my skin now.. there r also thousands of small white bumps on my cheeks under bright light.. what should I do ....

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