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Cover lower cheeks scars with beard?

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Hello, i want to have beard. I`m male, 21 years old. And i don`t have beard. It's strange. I`ve been on Accutane for 5 months, 30 mg/day, no pimples, my face is crystal clear except some bad scars on my lower cheeks. If i had a good beard, then these scars would be covered. And i love to have beard. But i don`t. Is there any ways to make my beard raise in lower cheeks, cheeks? I`m currently trying castor oil, it`s first day when i apply it to my face. I will try to use the razor blade at two days.
Any opinions?

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Your best option is to wait 4-5 more years and try to improve your scars meanwhile. U can try minoxidil on cheeks for beard growth but is really bed for skin. Good luck!

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Im 21 years old also and I recently tried to grow a beard with the hopes that it would cover my indentations.
I let my beard grow for a solid 2 - 3 months and it did basically nothing but make me look older and uglier. The hair couldn't get through the scar tissue so I had hair growing pretty much everywhere except where I wanted it to grow.

Dont put anything on your face to stimulate beard growth. If you start growing facial hair it will be because of genetics and hormones. Instead you should talk to your skin doctor about it.

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