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How can I really help my skin?

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Hi, my name is Foreveryoung and I have been an acne suffer for over three years. Being a 16 year old, I'm sure it's no surprise, I care ALOT about how I look. As you are most likely aware there is a lot of pressure for girls (especially) to look a certain way. Flawless, beautiful and perfect. But I am far, far from that. The thing is, I accept the shape of my eyes and the size of my nose but for some reason I just can not accept the acne on my face. Some might call me self- centered or vain for caring so much about the way I look, but when you've got something you hate plastered across your face, I'm sure you would understand. 
   So, what exactly do I hate so much? For almost as long I can remember, I have had small flesh coloured bumps under my skin. Stubborn little things, no matter how much I would scrub they would always stay there. Of course this irratated them, making them inflamed, red and sore to the touch. Soon, my friends and family notice and so, in poured recommendations of products and lists of things I was doing wrong. This only made me feel worse.
  What did I do? I waited. Tried to grow out of it. I tried so hard to ignore it. Trust me this only made things worse. Eventually I just gave in and made a doctors appointment. Again it only made things worse after the cream she recommended me burnt my skin off. Since this appointment, a year ago, I have been trying to cure my acne with face washes, store bought creams, antibiotics and exfoliatores. None of which have worked. My face still remains in a bumpy, pimpled mess. 
  How can I help my face? This is where I would love you to help. Even if you don't have a cure just leave a comment if feel the same way. Let me know how acne really makes you feel. Tell me if you feel as exhausted as I do with trying to get a clear face. I would love someone to relate too.
  Sorry for the long post just needed to get it all down I guess. I should also mention that I have been prescribed the following for my acne: Epiduo, Skinoren, doxycycline and Microgynon 30 (birth control). I am currently only using the birth control for acne and Epiduo to occasionally spot treat. If you have used any of the above let me know how they worked for you and your opinion on them. Thank you so much for reading x Edited by ForeverYoung28
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hey, i'm 15 and it sounds like we have similar skin types, i tried every face wash you could find in any target or walmart and none of them worked for me, my acne took up the majority of my face. but for christmas a family member bought me proactiv+ and within 2 days of using it i could tell my acne was going down. it's the only thing i've ever found that works for my skin. Within a month of using it my skin was completely clear, besides occasional pimples but i think that's just cause i forget to use it every night, but if i did use it every night i'd probably have completely clear skin.

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Hi, I also had acne for several years. Its very hard to live with it, I can understand your situation. Dont worry about your face be positive and dont take tension. Tension is the main cause of increasing acne. Go to a dermatologist, take medicines and stuff, do you take care of your self dont eat oily food, useclean towels and change your pillow covers once or twice a week.There's so much bacteria on them you really should to prevent new acne. So I tried these disposable pillows covers from this website [Edited link out] These ones are actually disposable so super easy! They also have product in them that improves the condition of your skin whilst you sleep. So along with medication proper care is also important. Take care.


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