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Hi everyone.

ive been suffering from acne for about 1.5years now and I've been on this website reading the forums countless times. I've decided it's time to write my own log about my journey! So here's a bit of background to my acne:

I had pretty good skin as a teenager, the odd spot but nothing unusual. When I turned 21 and not long after I went through a pretty bad breakup my problems started, this was around Augustus/September 2015. 

Since then I've had pretty consistent mild- moderate acne. It is pretty much always on my cheeks, nothing around my T-zone (not sure what this means in the grand scheme of things). I've had my ups and downs and have definitely shed a few tears. It took me about a year to do anything "proper" about it and in August 2016 I finally went to see a doctor. She prescribed me lymecycline and epiduo. 

I started on the course and was probably a bit naive about what I would have to go through. I went through the initial breakout phase and the horrible stinging and peeling and flaking. It was hell. I can't put an exact time stamp on it but at some point between August and December I gave up on the epiduo but continued with the oral antibiotics (lymecycline). Since then I have noticed a slight difference but nothing major and I am no where near my skin goal. 

About 3 weeks ago I went back to my doctor to ask what more I could do and she insisted I try back on the epiduo, saying I didn't persevere with it long enough to see a real difference. 

So here I am, still on the antibiotics and with a fresh bottle of epiduo back on track (hopefully). Since I started 3 weeks ago I have had an initial breakout (nothing as bad as 
last time) but a few cysts on my jawline which is where they were before. I have noticed that it isn't anywhere near as painful or a sense dry as last time, I'm not sure if this is because my skin isn't used to to it or not. I also switched my face wash to the cetaphil one as most people here have said it worked for them. 

Anyway I will keep this updated with my epiduo sequel and hopefully will be able to provide some people with some information while also helping to keep track for myself.

any questions, feel free to ask

good luck everyone

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Okay so it's been three days and some things have changed. My skin texture has definitley gotten smoother and my main "problem areas" are starting to look a little better. I have still gotten two new pimples today, one really small one and one medium sized one but neither are cysts so i guess thats one silver lining. my face is starting to get dryer so i am having to use a fairly thick moisteriser (i use the Eucerin one) to stop myself drying out

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