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How do I get rid of this horrible acne

So having a little acne runs in my family. Pimples here and there don't bother me. But my acne has gotten WAY out of hand. It's not horribly bad but it's pretty bad. My acne started in 5th grade. I only had a few pimples here and there and they would go away. In he 7th grade I realized it wasn't going away. My cheeks have had redness, black heads, white heads and numbs on them for 4 years now. My face has looked the same for 4 years. It hasnt gotten better, but has gotten a little worse. I have tried over 100 face washes and products. I have gone to the dermatologist, everything they gave me made it worse. I finally got on doxycycline which made it calm down. It wasn't getting a lot  better and wasn't getting any worse. I've tru d some natural things but not a lot. So I was wondering if anyone has any recommended antibiotics, face washes, natural remedies anything. Anything you have please respond. No rude comments please. :) 




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