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I'm 21 and my skin has never been great... although recently it's been getting worse and worse.   Can anyone tell me what's wrong by looking or what I can do to help? I'm starting to use apple cider vinegar as a toner as of today but this is really affecting my confidence.  Not sure if my forehead looks like yeast!FB_IMG_1491859753629.jpgFB_IMG_1491859758563.jpgFB_IMG_1491859762644.jpgFB_IMG_1491859768430.jpg

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i my experience it can be a downward spiral, you have a few spots and then you do everything to try to get rid of them and then it just seems to get worse.

i would say ditch the apple cider vinegar and let your skin calm down for a few days. you might benefit from the caveman regimen. (start off by giving it 3 days of not washing or touching your skin - use toilet paper to gently wipe your face if needed)

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Umm. The caveman regimen, I think, only works of your acne is caused by irration from too many products over a really long period. I tried it, (desperate times cause us to do desperate things), and while I only gave it 3 weeks, I could tell it just made my acne the worst it had EVER been. As soon as I went back to a gentle wash where I used cetaphil, and benzac ac gel 2.5% (benzoyl peroxide), my acne got so much better real quick. Another excellent wash is La Roche-Posay Effaclar gel. Ive started using that now as my derm told me and I definitely wouldnt switch. Its really really good. But you just have to find what works for you. I would suggest going to see your dr/gp and asking for an antibiotic like Doxycycline, as that's the best one with the lest side effects).That kept me pretty clear for about 10 years until my hormones went nuts. If its really really bugging you, you can also see a dermatologist. Its expensive yes, but I know the emotional toll of acne can get very extreme.

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