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AHA+ - breaking out?

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I started The Regimen in late November. I just started using AHA+ about two weeks ago and my skin has started to break out and I'm getting tons of little whiteheads in my T zone. Is this normal and should I keep using AHA+? I have been using it every night with one part AHA+ and one part moisturizer. My skin did look better for the first week but now it just looks worse. 

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This can happen with any new products. This also happened to me with the AHA. I've been using it a couple weeks now and my skin has re adjusted, is less red, and is doing better. It's flaky, but I think it's due to my lack of moisturizer the past few days as I have not been generous with moisturizing. Like any product, stick with it for at least 6 weeks. Apparently our skin doesn't actually fully adjust to something until at least 6 weeks of use due to the way our skin cells work. Someone else in the forums had said this. So yes definitely give it time 

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I wouldn't suggest exfoliating with AHA+ more than twice a week.  I recently came back to using it twice a week, while before I was using it only once per week.  I only apply it at night, and ensure that I do not forget to limit sun exposure entirely until after I have reapplied the basic regimen in the morning.  For quite a long time, I was avoiding the product for the same reason that you are.  I think it's a matter of controlling the amount of exposure to AHA+.  If you've been applying it religiously every night, take a step back to once or twice per week.

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