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Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

I have suffered with acne since I was about 15, and have been prescribed various different treatments from the doctor. One treatment that did clear my acne was "epiduo" . I'm now 17 and I thought after using this stuff I would be completely acne free, but what I'm left with now is just loads of red, blotchy marks on my face. I've tried home remedies like honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar and purchased a "Paula's choice" product which claims it fades these red marks. Nothing has worked so far, over time they have faded but are still very red. I have been waiting 9 weeks now for a dermatology appointment but I'm looking for another way to try and speed up the process. It affects every aspect of my life, I'll put makeup on one day and take it straight back off and not go out. I don't stay over at a friends house because I'm too embarrassed to take off my makeup and let them see me without it. If anyone has any ideas on what  I can do to help these red marks, that would be great.  

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Hello Mandy124, 

Our best advice is to use The Acne.org Regimen products. They will get you completely clear and will make your skin look nice and even toned and non-inflamed. That’s what’s most important in order to prevent future hyperpigmentation and scarring. Make sure you use them diligently and you will get completely clear.

However, the hyperpigmentation itself can take several months or longer to fade. To speed this process you can add Acne.org AHA+ which will help increase skin cell turnover and allow your acne marks to fade faster. But nothing will help hyperpigmentation fade extremely quickly. It’s only time that can do that. Remember that hyperpigmentation are not scars, however, and will fade with time.

Scarring is another story. Scarring is permanent. Be sure to be free of active acne before learning about or embarking on any scar treatment. You can read more about scar treatments here:


In addition to clearing your acne the Acne.org Regimen products are designed to give you radiant, healthy looking even toned skin. With continued use your pores will appear smaller and tighter and skin will appear brighter and more refreshed. In combination with the Acne.org AHA+, your skin will also appear younger looking as well. 

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