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Hello everyone!
I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant.
Before anything, I know that being beautiful is expensive.
But I don't need to be beautiful. I don't need to have an extra clear skin, as well.
I just need a normal skin, got acne is OK, but not too much.

So here's my problem.
I moved away and started work in a faraway place, like 2 hours of going back and forth with motorcycle. 1 hour is under the blazing hot sun.
One day, just suddenly, my face breaks out like yay and my acne becomes very very bad. (it's all over my face!)
I didn't mind it too much actually, but it's become painful and sometimes blood would just start dripping and I had to cover (mostly chin part) my face during work with tissue.

I don't wear serums, vitamins, masks, or make-ups. They're way too expensive for me.
As of why my workplace is very far, that's the only place that gave me decent salary.
My bf said it's probably because of stress. After my family went bankrupt, the only ones who works in the family is me and my mother. (dad-mom-big sis-me-young bro-young bro)
I do clean my face with facial soap (Clean & Clear) although I do think it's useless since the dust accumulate again when I'm going to my office (1 hour motorcycle, lol)
I manage the economy in my house. Rent, bills, installments, loans, etc.
Despite that I don't think I'm really stressed I'd break out like this.

At first I think it's the water since the new house we rented is kinda dirty, but my big sis' face is clean. Well, all she do is sleep, eat, laze around in house all day, repeat until weekends where she hangs out with her friends.
Anyway, I don't think it's the water.

My best guess is stress and the exposure to sun, but I don't want to spend too much money on this. Although yes, the acne is really getting in the way.

I tried drinking many water, not touching my face, but it's still there.

By the way, usually at my office I ate 0.5$ instant noodles and some instant cereal. Can't spend too much on lunch, I need to pay for my brothers' tuition. I do eat regular meals at home though.

Also, I'm turning 24 this September.

Is there any way out of this? I'm getting stressed and it's not even funny.
Thanks before!


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Thanks for the reply! I'm trying that...

I don't think I can skip the cereal, but I'm trying to balance it out by drinking green tea.
It's not too expensive, but it's in sachets.

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