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Retin-A Journey Week 3

Hey! Doing this to help inform other people for educational purposes and to track my journey. I don't have much to say about the first first weeks besides the usual symptoms everyone mentions. 

My dermatologist prescribed my 40mg doxycycline and 0.04% Retin-a. 
Now for the ugly phase pictures...IMG_0076.JPGIMG_0078.JPGIn these photos I had just applied the retin-a so that really enhances all my imperfections but it's whatever. I have very mild acne but it was very persistent and thanks to my skin-tone, left very noticeable PIH and scaring. Week 3 I am experiencing breakouts, lots of flaking in between my eyebrows and around my chin. Nothing as bad as my experience with Epiduo peeling/flaking so it hasn't been a huge problem. Typically this 'ugly phase' would make me an emotional wreck but this time of year is perfect as i am writing exams and spending the majority of time  by myself and indoors. Forehead has always had stubborn small bumps and I guess it's bringing those impurities out... yay? 

Products I use: Marcelle Gentle Cleanser. I have no pain using this cleanser on my now sensitive face. 
Moisturizer: Clinaderm soothing lotion. No stinging when applying and it's very light. I use this at night usually. I have an oil control moisturizer by cetaphil with SPF 30 for daytime. 
I have a dark angels charcoal exfoliator by lush in the tub that I use to battle the flakiness aswell.

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