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1st Microneedling session - Need advice!

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I have some discoloration, shallow ice-pick scars, and perhaps a couple of rolling scars on my cheeks. I had my 1st microneedling session with growth factors done 5 days ago. I followed directions and used a gentle cleanser with CeraVe moisturizer. My skin feels softer and looks a bit brighter/more even toned.

Question... can anyone recommend topical products to use in between my microneedling sessions to maximize results for treating the shallow acne scars? I keep reading about vitamin c, retin A (have 0.05% at home), growth factors, snail cream, etc. I plan to start taking a multi vitamin as well.

Please advise...

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Topical products are very individualized, with various skin types, conditions, and issues. Vitamin C serum, and retin a will help the most, snail cream is bad for microneedling and can lead to issues in microneedle channels. Take collegen supplement, eat lots of protein. HA serum with that as the main and only ingredient before and after your microneedling. 

You might look into acid peels. This has helped many who microneedle with their cars. They alternate months with microneedle and acid peel treatments. 

To find out more look at the below faq, and the bottom has TCA and acid peels, also under the skin section, how do I heal faster section. 

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