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Inflammation! Need Opinions!

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So I started OCM two weeks ago with tea tree and castor oil. Everything was working awesome oil production seem to cut down and everything this was testing the waters after acne.org regimen has worked. I tried OCM because I was trying to see if it helped with my oil production and shut my acne down. Then one day I tried using Dr. Bronners tea tree oil soap for some reason and what a TERRIBLE idea that was. The next day seriously i saw acne progressively and aggressively creep back with a vengeance. It feels up to this day like my chin and upper lip area took the brunt force of it. Feeling like it's burnt and irritated as if it was fun burnt. Today which marks a week of just embarrassment and ugliness every single day i wake up with whiteheads in the morning in the specified areas. I figured that if I stopped OCM and went back to the regimen it would halt everything completely in a couple of weeks. But it seems it made things worse. My skin is peeling bad and the moisturizer isnt helping either. My question to you all is should I just not apply the BP and moisturizer and just wash my face and wait til the irritation go down then go on the regimen? Or... back onto the regimen immediately with the irritated skin with the peeling and all? Thank you all and it's appreciated! Good vibes to you all!


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Hi Pat123go,

The Acne.org Regimen products are effective when used in combination with one another. To get clear you absolutely must use all three Regimen products including:

1. The Acne.org Cleanser 
2. The Acne.org Treatment
3. The Acne.org Moisturizer 

Our best advice is that you stop using the Treatment temporarily until your skin goes back to normal. Once your skin is calm, begin using all three products but start SLOWLY using only a very small pea sized amount of Acne.org Treatment only once per day for a full week. By week two you may start applying the pea sized amount twice a day. In week three you can begin increasing the dose SLOWLY and by the end of week four you should be using the full 4ML dose of Acne.org Treatment. We guarantee you that if you follow these instructions and use only Acne.org products, you will have perfectly clear, radiant healthy looking skin.

The Acne.org Regimen products are clinically proven and they will work to clear your acne. Make sure of two things:

1. You are using only Acne.org Regimen products on your face and nothing else.
2. You are using the Acne.org Regimen products exactly as directed. 

If you do both 1 and 2 you will have completely clear, radiant healthy looking skin. Guaranteed.

There is no need to use any other products (topical or oral - herbal or pharmaceutical) while using the Acne.org Regimen products. The Acne.org Regimen products are powerful, effective and proven. Using additional other facial skin care products in conjunction to the Acne.org Regimen products is unnecessary and may negatively affect your results.

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